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In cooperation with the Education Innovation Lab Berlin and the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum we had the target to develop a self-explanatory learning experience.

We focused on a class format that is called Lernbüro. It is a program where students are able to learn independently and at their own pace. That includes a redefined role of the teacher, by supporting the students more as a coach. The idea is to learn from 7th to 9th grades in the subjects math, english and german with self-explanatory material alone and independent, which means that frontal teaching is completely abolished.



As pupils learning rhythms aren’t synchronised any longer, it proves to be more difficult to learn in groups and find learning partners. Many pupils are not aware of their peer’s learning status, the topics they have mastered and the challenges they are facing.

We focused on the statement: learning should be about discovering knowledge and sharing your experiences. We reframed the learning experience to a journey where pupils are discovering the connecting dots between topics and share their adventures with each other. The EdVenture puts learning content in an overarching context, by bringing pupils together in their learning steps and giving meaning to the learning process.

Introducing gamification aspects to the classroom, Lernbüro transforms learning into a joyful experience. All learning content represented on a world map of education. Pupils can log into each subject making their status visible. Peers can now easily synchronise and work together. Whenever pupils feel they have mastered a travel challenge, they can leave hints to help others and indicate their expertise on the map. Others can see at a glance who might be of help and can confirm their peer’s expertise. However direct comparison and evaluation has been excluded intentionally, this does not allow for direct comparison or evaluation. Pupils create a learning path of their own, constantly re-shaping the education map with their experiences and expertise.

In cooperation with Dominic Vajen, Daniela Lopes, Lisa Pommerien und Carolin Scheffler


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